Beyond Borders Virtual Run

Dec 2-22

Empowering young people beyond the finish line.

Go beyond your limits this year to empower high school students in need. 100% volunteer-based, Run Beyond trains teachers to implement our program in their schools, with students they know best.


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The Beyond Borders Virtual Run (Dec 2-22) - Go Beyond to empower young people in need!

In 2022 Beyond Borders Virtual Run will cover 1000 kilometres, stretching from Vincentia, the location of our southern most school, to Coolangatta, the location of their goal race for 2022!  The funds generated from the run will help the Run Beyond Project to continue to provide a framework which teachers can use to connect with and empower young people beyond the finish line. 

The Run Beyond Project empowers students by asking them to go beyond their comfort zone. Our students aren't runners. They're high school students from a variety of circumstances who commit to undertaking our program in order to develop personal and social capabilities that see them not only get to the finish line of their Goal Race, but thrive beyond this, personally and as contributing members to their communities.

We have graduated 250 students through our program so far, including 44 indigenous students, 35 students from refugee backgrounds, and 11 who have been in out-of-home care, as well as students impacted by numerous other factors such as exposure to discrimination and long-term parental unemployment.

About the Run Beyond Project

The Run Beyond Project was founded in 2015 when teacher and marathon enthusiast, David Criniti persuaded 5 of his Chester Hill High School students, all from refugee backgrounds, to go beyond what they thought possible and train for a half-marathon. It quickly developed into a program used by teachers in schools across Australia to help young people progress towards a goal, and acquire valuable skills which can be applied to enable them to excel in all areas of their lives, beyond the context of running.

Choose Your Challenge

Beyond Borders Team Challenge

To help celebrate the reopening of borders, see if your team can notch up the 1000km it takes to get from our most southern school - Vincentia High School - to their goal race destination - Coolangatta.
..and help us empower more students in more schools beyond '22!

Set your own challenge...whether it be a dedicated team of 2 clocking up 24 kms each a day, a team of 10 running for 5 kms each per day or a more relaxed team of 20 dedicating to 2.5 kms each daily!  


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